Irish culture and arts brought to the USA

The Irish population comprises of a significant percentage of the modern population in America due to the long history it has had with the immigration of ancestors when the USA had broken away from English rule.

With a population of approximately close to a quarter million that had come during the colonial wave of 1700 to 1775, the Irish immigrants to the USA have left an unmistakable influence on the American Arts, Culture, economy, customs, and language.

Contributions to the American culture

In this fight for jobs in stiff competition, many Irish immigrants supported themselves and went on to become leaders of union efforts through sheer determination and hard work. Irish politicians also gained national spotlight through judgeships other positions of national importance. These new deal appointments served as precursors to the future Irish-American elected leaders such as President John F. Kennedy and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

The presence of Irish nationality in America began with the immigrant wave of Irish Protestants and Catholics, which brought another nationality to the English mix in the colonies, also brought about religious diversity. With such a high number of Catholic and Protestant presence in American society, the Irish people introduced some of their customs into the native culture too.

The most significant and well-known tradition that has completely integrated into the American Society is the celebration of St Patrick’s Day. Even though St Patrick is considered as an important figure in Irish history, the US created their own customs involving large celebration and parades over time. There are a lot of myths and rumors surrounding “St Paddy’s Day,” but all is accepted in the spirit of festivity.

Music and Dance

There is no doubt Ireland’s cultural heritage with its diverse mix of customs, traditions, folklore, song and dance, is one of the most distinctive in Europe. Even though the rapid modernization and homogenization of Western societies made much of this heritage obsolete, some elements in the Irish-American culture are reminiscent of the distinct Irish cultural character.

Irish music brought to America by the passing generation of immigrants has played a focal role in the development of the American folk and country music. Certain bits and pieces of traditional Irish ballads that were introduced in the 17th and 18th centuries are still easily discernible in the American folk songs of today.

Today, Irish music is not only popular among Irish-Americans but a favorite of many Americans in general. Many people even have learned how to play orthodox Irish instruments such as the pipes, flute, fiddle, tin whistle, harp, etc.

Irish folk dance

Irish cuisine

Today, most Irish-Americans eat a generic American Food and cuisine belonging to other ethnic groups. However, many Irish-Americans also cook up distinctive Irish cuisine, which can also be found in many Irish restaurants and pubs scattered throughout America. There’s an excellent market for shops that sell Irish favorites such as bangers (sausages), rashers (bacon), soda bread, pudding, etc.

The all-time Irish favorite, potatoes, are still a staple in the Irish diet along with other traditional foods like coddle, drisheens, boxty bread, Irish coffee (made of whiskey and coffee), among many other things.

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